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Everest Experience

This project was designed for a client who wanted an adventurous experience that companies could use for team building exercises of up to 30 people at one time. It is set on Mount Everest and there are two environments: the base camp where everyone begins and watches a presentation from someone who has climbed Everest, and the crevasse crossing where groups of 2-3 can attempt to cross the ladder and go back to base camp to debrief. 

With the exception of the animations in the scene and the snow FX preset that I tweaked, I was responsible for all art creation and implementation, including modeling, texturing, world-building, collision creation, porting to AltpsaceVR, optimization, and assessing art needs. 

Ported to AltspaceVR

Tools: Blender, Substance Painter, Krita, Unity, and AltspaceVR

Base Camp in AltspaceVR

This environment needed a large open space near the screen to watch the presentation. It also required ten portals that go to different instances of the crevasse crossing. I referenced imagery from Everest South Base Camp to determine important elements, such as the large well-known rock and the look of the terrain. The signs surrounding the monument act as the portals. I decided that having a monument would provide a place to group the signs so people weren't lost when looking for them and would aesthetically work well with the environment. Due to size limitations and time restrictions, Base Camp was lit by default AltspaceVR settings.

Crevasse Crossing in AltspaceVR

The crevasse crossing is meant for a 2-3 person group, and a sign at the beginning reminds the player what their goal is. This environment required optimized lightmaps from Unity to achieve the dark crevasse aesthetic while maintaining small file sizes.



Due to the limitations of AltspaceVR, assets needed to be highly optimized. I used a combination of low poly modeling, texture atlasing, and low-res textures to achieve small file sizes and good FPS. At the time of this project, AltspaceVR also did not understand metallic maps. Through texture details and roughness maps, I faked the metal look.


The landscapes also needed to maintain low poly-counts while looking as realistic as possible. The base camp and crevasse crossings referenced had many glaciers surrounding them.