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Zoélie is an Action Puzzle Platformer that tells the story of a young girl exploring her town of La Colina alongside her imagination-powered quilt, Sueño. I worked with a team of 44 developers as one of the environment artists for this game during nineteen weeks of development. Half of the development period was virtual due to the pandemic.

It is set in South America, and a core feature of the gameplay is the way her quilt causes textures to flip from "reality" to "fantasy," depicting the imaginary world of this young girl on her journey to find her sister.  The quilt also grants her special abilities like distracting animals and using camouflage to hide in plain sight. In our world, Sueño also reveals secrets such as transforming the local graffiti into maps and hints. 

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, Zbrush, Adobe AfterEffects, Houdini, and Photoshop

Responsible for helping with 3D modeling and texturing.

Also responsible for helping set-dress both the city and beach levels with twelve other artists.

Additionally, I helped with playtesting, and collision editing.

Shipped on Steam for PC

Featured in Epic Games' Spring 2021 Student Showcase



Rookie Awards 2020-Game of the Year | Console & PC - Highly Commended


Rookie Awards 2020-Game of the Year | Console & PC - Finalist


Rookie Awards 2020 - Draft Selection

Rookies Page: 


"Best Gameplay" 1st Place at the 2021 Intel University Games Showcase

Intel Entry link: 



Gameplay Video

City Level

I helped set-dress this city. I worked on multiple areas including the courtyards, various rooftops, streets, balconies, houses, and so on. It was a collaborative effort amongst our integration team. 

Volcano Level

I helped with the set-dressing of all the islands and the beach, including foliage, landscape material blending, and other asset placement. I created the path of lava through the island with the volcano, including the rocks that border the paths. I was also responsible for adding a grouping of rocks onto the archway so that the player could work their way up the arch.

Modeled & Textured Assets

These are some assets I modeled and textured for the environment.

Fantasy Textured Assets

These are some fantasy textures I produced for the objects, but I did not model the assets.


Fantasy Wall Textures


Art Book PDF

The Rookies Certificates

I created these three seamless alphas to show up on the walls of buildings when the quilt interacts with them.




Epic Games' Spring 2021 Student Showcase

It is an honor to have our game shown amongst these amazing student projects.

2021 Intel University Games Showcase

Zoélie won 1st Place for "Best Gameplay" 

Full stream of this event can be found here:

Process Shots